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Winners of the Month
Winners Points Redeemed Gift Name
June, 2011
Satish Kauthale 1130 Fast Track watch
Kardile Kirti 790 Gift vouchers
Sudhir Pawar 320 Gift vouchers
Satish Kauthale
(1180 pts.)
Kardile Kirti
(790 pts.)
Sudhir Pawar
(320 pts.)
karthic kumar
(205 pts.)
(150 pts.)
Sanjay Kumar
(160 pts.)
Rishikesh Kulkarni
(150 pts.)
Kedar Kane
(145 pts.)
shah anuj
(140 pts.)
(140 pts.)
Singh Rohit
(140 pts.)
kingsley hopper
(132 pts.)
Satan Rules
(130 pts.)
Tejas Shinde
(130 pts.)
Heemanish Midde
(130 pts.)
dwiti das
(130 pts.)
Sreejith Mohanan
(130 pts.)
Sushma reddy
(130 pts.)
rachel george
(130 pts.)
manoj sharma
(130 pts.)
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