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How Do I Win Gifts?
Lucky winners from the registered members will be selected on a monthly basis. Earning more points will increase your chances of being selected as a winner. You can accumulate points from variety of activities on Engageguru.com and redeem your points for gifts.
Please note that multiple posts about 1 activity will get deleted. We expect you to earn points and not just get it.
What is the points system?
Besides getting 100 points on registration, you can earn points for the following activities
Activity Points*
Accepted Invitation 50
Rating a College 10
Rating a Professor 10
Rating a Consultant 10
Posting a comment 2
Following a College/Professor/Consultant 10
Accepted Suggestion 5
Flagging a Comment/Professor/Consultant Posted User -2
Flagging User +2
Un following a College/Professor/Consultant -10
So earn as many points as possible and redeem it for exciting gifts.
*- Randomly chosen users will be eligible for the gifts. The users inserting dummy / fake / meaningless ratings, comments or using any other malpractices to earn points will not be entitled for the gifts. Banning such users will be at the sole discretion of the management of Engageguru.com and hence cannot be challenged. The points accumulated upto last day of month prior to the winner declaration date can be redeem for gifts e.g. winners declared in July 2011 can redeem points accumulated in June 2011.
Satish Kauthale
(1180 pts.)
Kardile Kirti
(790 pts.)
Sudhir Pawar
(320 pts.)
karthic kumar
(205 pts.)
(150 pts.)
Sanjay Kumar
(160 pts.)
Rishikesh Kulkarni
(150 pts.)
Kedar Kane
(145 pts.)
shah anuj
(140 pts.)
(140 pts.)
Singh Rohit
(140 pts.)
kingsley hopper
(132 pts.)
Satan Rules
(130 pts.)
Tejas Shinde
(130 pts.)
Heemanish Midde
(130 pts.)
dwiti das
(130 pts.)
Sreejith Mohanan
(130 pts.)
Sushma reddy
(130 pts.)
rachel george
(130 pts.)
manoj sharma
(130 pts.)

Winners of the Month
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