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Flag Rating
Please read the RULES before you "flag" the comment.
Flag this comment IF:
  • it contains vulgar or profane words
  • it is sexual in nature (including 'Sexy' / 'Hot' )
  • it is directed to the personal appearance (cute, short, fat, bad clothes, etc.)
  • it is directed to physical disabilities (stutters, limps, wears a hearing aid, etc.)
  • it involves name-calling (jerk, creep, etc.)
  • it references mental problems or alcohol/drug use
  • it references problems with the law
  • it references race, religion, ethnic background, sexual orientation, age
  • it includes names or initials of other students or any email addresses
  • it references the teacher's personal life, including family members (Just got married, Don't like her son, Wife is pretty, How did he afford that car? etc.)
  • it contains content for advertising (Buy your yearbooks today! Danny for Class President!)
  • This page is ONLY for flagging comments that do not adhere to the above mentioned rules
  • This is NOT where you revert or reply to a posted comment

Text of the Rating:
Why are you flagging this Rating? ( characters)
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